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Cebu International Airport Terminal 2 Fuel Hydrant System Automation

The new Cebu International Airport Terminal 2 is equipped with the state of the art and latest Fuel Hydrant System Design by HansaConsult Germany. It is the pioneer airport in the Philippines to have this kind of technology in the Aviation Fuel. The project scope of Watchdog automation is the installation and termination of electrical, instrumentation and automation equipment for the entire fuel hydrant system such as Ex-d remote I/O’s, Ex-d junction Boxes, Motorized DBB valves, cathodic protection system and all valve vaults instrumentation. We also design and developed the SCADA systems using the latest Siemens PCS7 for the entire process automation from Petron Mactan Aviation Terminal Fuel Farm, Hydrant pumps driven by VACON NXP Drives up to the last end of the hydrant pipeline at the Cebu International Airport Terminal 2.

Upgrading of Velana International Airport, Male Maldives – Fuel Farm and Fuel Hydrant System Automation

Upgrading of the Velana International Airport in Male, Republic of Maldives. The scope of the project is turnkey automation package for both Fuel Farm and Fuel Hydrant System which is composed of 3 Jet A-1 Tanks, 2 Petrol tanks, and 2 Diesel tanks. The Hydrant System is composed of 5 valve vaults with eight sets of Redundant ET200M remote I/O systems. The main DCS is controlled by Redundant Siemens S7-400 CPU410-5H Process Controller having a redundant Servers and several clients using latest version of Siemens PCS7.

Pasar Plant Turn Around (PTA) 2019, Instrumentation Servicing and Calibration

Instrumentation Servicing and calibration of various instruments such as flowmeters, pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters, and valve positioners for Acid Plant, Power Plant, Oxygen Plant and Smelter Plant. Approximately 435 instruments were verified and calibrated during the shutdown period from August 25 to September 25, 2019. The instruments were issued individual traceable calibration certificate with our partner Instrutech Calibration Laboratory, Inc. who performed all the verification and calibration of the instruments. Several outdated modulating valves were replaced with new and has been verified and calibrated as per process requirements.

Rehabilitation of three (3) sets Western States Centrifugal Basket

Watchdog Automation has been awarded by Philippine Associated Smelting and Refining Corporation for the re-designing and rehabilitation of three sets obsolete Western States Centrifugal basket which are used in the solid-liquid separation of the copper telluride waste from a copper and gold refinery plant. The new control system design uses VACON NXP Drives system, Siemens S7-1500 controllers with Comfort panels as well as Siemens LUT400/XPS-15 level instrumentations.

Restoration of pump stuffer control system

Sunpride Foods, Inc.’s pump stuffer equipment was running on an obsolete Allen-bradly SLC500 Programmable Logic Controller. Unfortunately the battery dies and nobody has kept the latest PLC program back-up. Watchdog Automation has been awarded a project to restore the entire equipment control program code by utilising the same PLC on the existing panel. The equipment is now running in its original logics.

Conversion of a standard BMS to WinCC SCADA

The building Management System (BMS) of Shangri-la’s Mactan Resort and Spa is already obsolete and outdated. Watchdog Automation has been awarded a project to convert the existing system into Siemens Wincc SCADA. The BMS is now running on Siemens S7-300 CPU315-2PN/DP with WINCC SCADA V7. All Field devices are using Profibus fields protocols giving an easy integrations to connect to the Danfoss variable frequency drives which controls the air handling units, chiller fans and pumps as well as connecting to desalination plant. Currently, Watchdog Automation has a maintenance contract for the existing BMS.

Waste Acid treatment Plant Upgrade – H2S tower Improvement Project

A turnkey project which includes equipment foundation construction, mechanical piping, electrical motor controls, panel building and instrumentation works for Philippine Associated Smelting and Refining Corporation in Isabel, Leyte, Philippines. Major instruments includes eight (8) set electro- pneumatic valves of various sizes such as 14″ (4ea), 2′(2ea), 1′(1ea) made by Value Valves (Taiwan), four (4) sets Sitrans LUT400 with XPS-30 sensors, four (4) sets Siemens Sitrans P420 pressure transmitters, three (3) sets motor control panels, and one (1) set Mettler Toledo pH transmitter.

Design and build of water treatment automation for JE-Hydro and Bio-Energy Corporation

Design and build of water treatment controls of a 10-MLD Water Treatment Facility that will supply pure and fresh potable water to the island of Panglao, Bohol, Philippines. The system is running on Siemens S7-1200 using Profinet fieldbus via Fiber optic connectivity and Wincc Advance V15. There are three sets of S7-1200 standalone CPU’s which are interconnected with each other via Fiber optic network with Siemens scalance switches and media converters.

Control system design engineering for anode furnace equipment

The original manufacturer of the anode furnace equipment of PASAR smelter plant was designed and installed by MESCO Japan in 1981. The system was using Yaskawa control system for DC drive and logic sequence. Spare parts were not available anymore due to obsolescence of the components, thus, Watchdog Automation was awarded with the project to re-design the control system using the latest available technology. After the design process, they also implement the project and is now running on Siemens S7-300 CPU315-2PN/DP with 15″ MP377 Panels and Control techniques Mentor MP DC Drives.

Pasar Plant Turn Around (PTA) 2017, Integration of various equipment to existing DCS (Siemens PCS7)

During the 2017 PASAR Plant Turn Around (PTA) period, Watchdog Automation has been awarded with various integration works such as Oxygen Plant Saftronics water cooled chiller and heat exchanger equipment, pneumatic dust and copper concentrate conveying system, electrostatic precipitator purge air system, sulfatizing blower, and KAJI nitrogen and oxygen compressors. We design, assemble, install, commissioned and integrate to the existing DCS all the above equipment control systems and monitoring functions including data logging and archiving.

Conversion of Air handling units direct online motor controls to VSD controlled system using Danfoss FC 100 Variable Frequency Drives.

Client: Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort & Spa

Project: DOL motor control to VFD controls

Qty: 43 sets

Power range: 3kW~55kW

Project Scope: Procurement of VFD, Panel assembly, Onsite installation, Integration to WINCC SCADA, testing and commissioning

PASAR Plant Expansion 2015 – Major upgrading from conventional controls to Siemens PCS7

During the major plant upgrading of PASAR in 2015, Watchdog Automation has been awarded to work with NERIN Engineering (China) for the upgrading of the conventional control systems to DCS (Siemens PCS7). The scope of watchdog automation is purely on the field installation and termination of all existing and new field devices to DCS marshalling cabinets for Smelter Plant, Acid Plant, Power Plant and Copper Concentrate blending house.

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